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A curated collection of Books, Videos, Articles and more to educate consumers, caregivers and professionals about Complex Trauma.


"The world breaks everyone,
and afterward many are strong
at the broken places."

Ernest Hemingway


Welcome to This website's mission is to increase understanding of complex trauma:

  • what it is,
  • what it does to people, and
  • ways to reverse its effects on mind, body and spirit. was created by people whose professional backgrounds in the trauma field have been informed by our lived experiences. Our goal was to establish the most comprehensive repository of information and resources on complex traumatic stress, and to make it comprehensible to the public and professional alike.

This website is intended for anyone who has been affected by complex psychological trauma, directly or indirectly. Whether you are in or seeking trauma services, a provider of these services, a friend or loved one, an advocate or educator, a first responder or legislator, we hope you will find something in these pages that resonates, inspires, guides or is in some other way of use to you.

This website is sponsored and maintained by the Foundation Trust, a private operating foundation that considers the overcoming of life adversity for all those impacted by complex trauma to be its greatest mission. For more information about the foundation or to support its efforts, visit But first, take some time and explore what we have to offer here.