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A curated collection of Books, Videos, Articles and more to educate consumers, caregivers and professionals about Complex Trauma.

What is Complex Trauma?A Resource Guide for Youth & Those Who Care About Them

What Is Complex Trauma?Guide for Youth

This youth-inspired and youth-vetted guide is one of the first resources on complex trauma designed specifically for independent use by trauma-impacted youth. Also appropriate for adult-supported use with younger children and select adolescents as needed.

Employs plain language to advance understanding of complex trauma as a distinct form of psychological trauma. Identifies common effects of exposure to complex trauma, and explores healthy and risky ways in which youth strive to cope with these effects.

Recommends numerous daily strategies youth can undertake on their own or with the support of parents, teachers, mentors, pastors, therapists or other caring adults to begin to make things better. Finally, provides links to additional resources, including complex trauma psychotherapies. Incorporates rich information with compelling illustrations, worksheets and activities. Developed by Drs. Joseph Spinazzola, Mandy Habib, Margaret Blaustein, Cassandra Kisiel, Angel Knoverek, Bradley Stolbach, Funda Yilmaz, and colleagues from the NCTSN Complex Trauma Workgroup. Read pdf.