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A curated collection of Books, Videos, Articles and more to educate consumers, caregivers and professionals about Complex Trauma.

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Recommended Books

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Interventions for Children, Youth & Their Caregivers

Complex Trauma Interventions for Children, Youth & Their Caregivers   Attachment, Regulation & Competency (ARC) Are you ready to shift from a focus on reducing symptoms of posttraumatic stress to promote future resiliency with a flexible framework that addresses important childhood competencies negatively impacted by trauma? What sets intervention apart: ARC is a component-based intervention…

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Complex Trauma: What is it and how does it affect people?

What Is Complex Trauma? Unresolved trauma can leave people feeling hopeless and ashamed. Sometimes for years. Often for decades. Occasionally, and tragically, for a lifetime. When the assigned diagnoses, treatments or medications keep failing to work, most people cannot help but begin to suspect that they may be incurable, that something is really wrong with…

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