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A curated collection of Books, Videos, Articles and more to educate consumers, caregivers and professionals about Complex Trauma.

Pandemia do Coronavírus (COVID-19): Estratégias de Coping para Jovens com Historial de Trauma Complexo

Guia de recursos em português   Crianças e adolescentes com um historial de trauma complexo, assim como os seus cuidadores, podem enfrentar desafios únicos durante a pandemia do coronavírus (COVID-19). Este recurso, desenvolvido pelos Doutores Jana Pressley e Joseph Spinazzola, especialistas em trauma, através da Foundation Trust, esboça várias abordagens que podem ser úteis.

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New Psychotherapy Book Provides Practical Blueprint for How the Body Changes the Score with Children and Youth Impacted by Complex Trauma

by Jana Pressley, Psy.D., & Joseph Spinazzola, Ph.D., The Foundation Trust   North Atlantic Press’s 2020 publication of the long-awaited book: Transforming Trauma in Children and Adolescents: An Embodied Approach to Somatic Regulation, Trauma Processing, and Attachment-Building was a welcome ray of sunshine during what will be remembered for generations to come as an exceptionally dark…

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Complex Trauma-Informed Residential Services for Children, Youth, and Young Adults

Various facets of complex trauma-informed residential services are explored in a newly-compiled series of resources developed by the Foundation Trust’s Dr. Joseph Spinazzola, Kaitlyn Marie Wilson and their colleagues. The resources include two fact sheets to support residential program administrators and multidisciplinary staff members to better understand and respond to the effects of complex trauma…

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Pandemia De Coronavirus (COVID-19) Estrategias de Afrontamiento para Adultos y Jóvenes con un Historial de Trauma Complejo

Los adultos, niños, y adolescentes con antecedentes de trauma complejo, así como sus cuidadores, pueden enfrentar desafíos únicos durante la pandemia de Coronavirus (COVID-19). Este recurso, desarrollado por los expertos en trauma, los Dres. Jana Pressley y Joseph Spinazzola a través de The Foundation Trust, describe varios enfoques que pueden ayudar. Recurso para los adultos:…

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandémie Stratégies d’adaptation pour les adultes et les jeunes avec une histoire de traumatisme complexe

Le présent guide de ressources a été compilé afin d’aider les survivants d’un traumatisme complexe à s’adapter à la situation stressante actuelle ou à une période de crise mondiale. Drs. Jana Pressley et Joseph Spinazzola par le biais de la Foundation Trust, décrit plusieurs approches qui peuvent aider.   Ressource pour les adultes: Lire et…

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Transforming Schools: A Framework for Trauma-Engaged Practice

Transforming Schools

Designed to improve the well-being and academic outcomes of Alaskan children, this phenomenal resource is relevant and applicable to educational systems throughout North America and beyond. Clear, concise and engaging, this framework synthesizes information from multidisciplinary scholarly literatures with extensive practice-based evidence derived from more than 200 school board and community members, teachers, counselors, nurses,…

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Never Give Up: A Complex Trauma Film by Youth for Youth

nevoer give up-video

This gripping short film showcases a diverse ensemble of adolescents and young adults who share hard lessons learned in their efforts to endure and overcome developmental and systemic trauma. Written and produced by Dr. Joseph Spinazzola and colleagues, Never Give Up uniquely blends documentary and theatrical elements to achieve an authentic, insightful, and above all…

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