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A curated collection of Books, Videos, Articles and more to educate consumers, caregivers and professionals about Complex Trauma.

New Resource: Parenting in the Wake of Past Trauma

A child walks along the shore with a rainbow in the distance

Click here to read and download a PDF of the parenting resource   We are honored to debut a new resource by Foundation Trust Senior Training & Resource Development Associates Dr. Jana Pressley and Kaitlyn Marie Wilson, LICSW. Reflecting on stories and experiences of deep insecurities and countless questions about the ability to nurture and…

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Complex Trauma-Informed Residential Services for Children, Youth, and Young Adults

Various facets of complex trauma-informed residential services are explored in a newly-compiled series of resources developed by the Foundation Trust’s Dr. Joseph Spinazzola, Kaitlyn Marie Wilson and their colleagues. The resources include two fact sheets to support residential program administrators and multidisciplinary staff members to better understand and respond to the effects of complex trauma…

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Complex Trauma Resource Materials

The following is a collection of workbooks, curricula, fact sheets, treatment guidelines, and other resources on complex trauma developed by Dr. Joseph Spinazzola and colleagues. Some of these resources were specifically created for use by youth or adults who have experienced complex trauma. Others were developed for judges, therapists, educators, law enforcement and other professionals…

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