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Book-Treating Adult Survivors of Childhood Emotional Abuse

treating adult survivors of childhood emotional abuse & neglect-book

This is the first book that focuses on treating adult survivors of the most subtle and insidious forms of complex childhood trauma: emotional abuse and neglect.

This book creatively introduces CBP, a new treatment model for complex trauma. It follows the lives, relationships and internal worlds of four characters-- two clients and their therapists—over the course of extended therapy. Uniquely, this book devotes as much attention to the perceptions, choices, mistakes and growth of the therapists as the clients themselves. It also carefully examines assumptions and implicit biases about gender, race, sexuality, culture and social privilege.

Dr. Spinazzola and his colleagues distill three decades of wisdom gained from work with hundreds of adults enduring legacies of complex childhood trauma. While written primarily for therapists, this book may also be of value to adult clients, their loved ones, and others seeking an authentic view into the trauma therapy process. Buy the book.